One of the Healthiest Soups in the World

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When you have a cold, you tend to comfort yourself with chicken soup.
When you have a cold…and need help with respiratory issues, joint pain, digestive problems, or an assortment of other ailments, you can turn to the deliciously healthy remedies found in Vietnamese noodle soup – otherwise known as Pho.
For starters, here are just some of the healthy ingredients and nutrients found in the broth of our Beef Pho.


The key to any bowl of beef pho is an incredibly fragrant and delicious broth. In particular, Pho Vistro’s beef pho broth includes simmering bones, flank steak, caramelized onion, and roasted ginger that is all part of a 30-hour cooking process.

Other key broth ingredients are simmered cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, fennel seeds, and clove – which have the following nutrients and health benefits.

Saigon Cinnamon

  • Has insulin-enhancing properties
  • Great for people with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties against infections
Star Anise

  • Anti-oxidants: Vitamin C + A
  • Vitamin B-6 helps increase neuro-chemical levels in the brain
  • Great for asthma, bronchitis cough, and digestive disorders

  • Good source of minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium
  • Helps control heart rate and blood pressure
  • An excellent source of iron and manganese
  • Vitamin C
Fennel Seeds

  • High in anti-oxidants, dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins
  • Concentrated source of minerals like copper, iron, calcium, potassium, manganese
  • Helps with controlling heart rate and blood pressure
  • Vitamins A, B, C, E

  • Used to battle digestive tract cancers and joint inflammation
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • A very good source of vitamin K and dietary fiber
  • Provides iron, magnesium and calcium

Come visit us, try a bowl and ask our staff about some other health benefits of pho. Stay tuned to this blog for more articles, facts, and videos about other Pho Vistro ingredients such as gelatin, organic bean sprouts, and vegan options that can keep you Healthy Pho Life!

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